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Home Insurance:  new homes get special pricing, older homes can be insured sometimes at lower coverage and higher rates without full updates to roof and home. Agent recommends you get a wind mitigation and 4 point inspection to get the best coverage and rate options.   The occupancy of your home is also important.  A home that is owner occupied is considered a better risk than tenant occupied, under construction or vacant, so its important you disclose changes such as occupancy, upgrades in the home and recent repairs as some companies may cancel you or you could be voiding coverage let us know.  

Policies for older homes usually have  more exclusions on them such as accidental discharge, leaking pipes are not covered, and theft can be excluded or limited. 

 There is usually a separate deductible for hurricane/and or wind and hail perils and it can range from 2% to 10% or higher.  Dog bite and animal liability can be excluded from most policies, so you should buy a Canine/or animal liability coverage separately.  There are always limits on money, securities, jewelry, silverware, guns, collectibles and other high value items, so we suggest you buy separate coverage for those items as well.   Golf cart liability is sometimes excluded or limited to premises, so we suggest you buy separate coverage for it as well as. Jet ski, drones, boats, motorcycles, etc... 

Liability limits can vary as well....we recommend 1,000,000. limits and an umbrella policy of 10,000,000.

32 years, that's how long we've been here in Florida as agents helping you (our greatest asset)

Our agency specializes in shopping rates and coverages for over 18 auto  insurance plans, 15 home insurance plans, 50 commercial/business insurance plans, multiple surety/bonding, cyber security, life, health, dental,flood insurance, motorcycle,atv's, golf carts, boats, jet skis, collectibles, canine liability, drones, special events,  you name it....


Our agents are here to help you with even the most difficult give you the best options...and to let you decide.


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Business insurance can encompass many different coverage unique to the type of business you have.  You should have liability, property, lost income, workers compensation, D & O, Malpractice, Dishonesty/Crime, and a host of other coverages.

Please remember, you cannot bind or change coverage via phone, voice mail, email or verbally at any time even during impending hurricane.  Our agency only gives written binders after terms and condtions are met such as paying premium and signing application as well as receiving all necessary information we have requested.   ON ALL POLICIES YOU MUST REFER TO THE ACTUAL WORDING, TERMS AND CONDTIONS OF THE POLICY ITSELF.

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"We both had  problems with our driving records..  They helped us with several options and we finally got coverage before the state suspended our licenses, we trusted their expertise." 
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Auto Insurance, Sr-22, Fr-44,  Too Many PIP Claims, Young Drivers, Old Drivers, Commercial and Business Use, Uber Driver or Rideshare.  As a prospective client/insured have obligation to disclose these conditions since they affect your coverage, including but not limited to ALL Drivers, household members  and Children , even if they are not living with you.  Failure to disclose is grounds for an insurance company to deny your claims and even void your insurance altogether.  

We recommend the highest limits and coverage on auto insurance, you should have Bodiliy Injury and Property damage liability as weill asw stacked uninsured motorist coverage as well as other coverages....Too many drivers in Florida have just the minimum coverage or none at all.

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